The 90’s Kids


For last two hours now, I have been listening to/watching music videos from the late 90s and early 2000s. Brings back a ton of memory that I thought I forgot. Shaktiman used to be aired during the weekends. That spinning superhero with the power of all the chakras in the human body. I was so in love with Gita Biswas. They changed actresses twice. But I fell in love even more. Today...

Random #1


Sometimes you only need one reason. One reason to start working on your next big thing. One reason to take up the last book you didn’t finish. One reason to pick up the phone and call that old friend you didn’t talk to in a while. But it takes a lot of motivation discipline to actually keep working on them. Be it a project or a book — you need to keep working on it until you finish...

Delusional and Demotivated


Time and again life unfolds itself in forms that is not only hard to fathom but also difficult to endure. It is one such episode that I am sailing through currently. There are days when life seems so beautiful, so enchanting; then there are those when it feels more gloomy than a dark room with no doors.

Downloading MP3 Files with Python


My wife has a beautiful pink iPod shuffle which she loves to listen music from, on her daily commute. She got bored with the songs and wanted a new playlist. I was entrusted with downloading new songs. Yep, all pirated. Now, downloading songs these days is a really boring stuff given the amount of bandwidth and apps like Spotify. So, I decided to automate the whole affair.

টুকরো টুকরো কথা

আজ কিছু একটা লিখব ভাবছিলাম। কিন্তু কি লিখব সেটা ভেবে পাচ্ছিলাম না। আমার লিনাক্সটা তে আবার বাংলা লেখাও যায় না। তাই আজ ঠিক করলাম যে ভাবেই হোক আজ বাংলা তে লেখার ব্যবস্থাটা করতেই হবে। হলো বটে, তবে জমল না। এত দিন অভ্রতে লিখে আজ প্রভাতে লিখতে বেশ কষ্টই হচ্ছে বইকি। তবে এটাও মানতে হবে যে মানুষ আসলে অভ্যেসের দাস। তাই আজ আগডুম বাগডুম লিখতেই বসেছি। দেখি কতটা অভ্যেস হয় আজ একদিনে।

Political Violence in India


It’s been eons since India has been infested by political violence. Right from the time of the Mahabharata, India has been a victim of political violence that had shattered the country, killing countless lives. I am not talking about international violence around and involving India — in those fights the point of patriotism is there. I am talking about fights born of petty political gains...

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