My Devices

If you follow along this blog, you may have noticed that I have a soft-corner for digital devices. I love what each of them does. I spend a lot of time (regrettably) with these devices, and constantly tweak them to suit my needs. It has helped me learn new things. Here I am going to list the current and old devices that enriched me.

1. Dell Inspiron N5050 (July 2012 — Aug 2017)

This was my first ever laptop. I used it extensively before it retired in Aug 2017. The keyboard was not too good. Since I was using it as my primary work-station, I used the device with Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse. I guess the device lasted long enough for a laptop, because I did not use the onboard keyboard much.

2. Macbook Air 2017 Model (Sept 2017 — Present)

I bought this one during a festive sale at huge discount. Evidently, this is the best device I have ever used. Light as air and thin as models! One single charge lasts for more than 10 hours (of coding, mainly). The screen is not so good — not suitable for media consumption. The chicklet keyboard is a pleasure to type on.

3. Raspberry Pi Model 3B (March 2017 — Present)

My wife gifted me this tiny beast on my birthday. It came with a gig of ram and four USB ports. I am currently using it as a headless server (running Raspbian ‘Stretch’) for all development purpose. With a Frontec gaming console, I wasted too much time running RetroPie on the device.

4. Redmi Note 3 (Sept 2016 — Present)

This one I bought on a festive sale, as well. Extensively used it with MiUI. However, like all OEMs, Mi stopped giving a damn (within a year) and stopped all the updates (even Google security patches). So, I moved to Nitrogen OS running Android 7.1. I am currently using it as a secondary mobile device. It still gives one full day of battery life after light usage. It doesn’t have the trendy notch but build quality is good and with a Nillken case, grips like a glove.

5. iPhone SE (March 2018 — Present)

This one I am pretty happy with. Critics will ignore this one since it has a 4 inch screen, but after having used it for 6 months now, I would say small screen size is its advantage. Believe it or not, the device lasts more than a day after a full charge, and I use it as my primary mobile device. iOS is snappy and does not show any lag. After using Android for more than 10 years now, I am happy I switched to iOS.

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